October 24, 2021


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5 Ways How To Build SEO-Friendly Website

5 Ways How To Build SEO-Friendly Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important element of website design. You may have a magnificent-looking business website with exceptional content, but your effort would not accomplish anything if people don’t visit your site.

This is where SEO comes in and it is the major thing on which you should focus even before you start designing. It is very important to design your website with an eye on optimization and this will help your site to rank higher on search engine results. A reputed website design company in India can guide you through the process very well.

With so many people nowadays clicking on organic search listings, it is vital to use search engine optimization to rank your website. A SEO friendly website will rank better in search engine results and drive more traffic to your page.


For creating a SEO friendly website, it is very challenging to know what elements are important for driving success to your business. Responsive website design is one of the most important components for driving success for your business.

You must include responsive design in your site for creating a SEO-friendly website. Responsive design will allow your website to get adapted to any kind of device which a user is using. Your audience will get the best version of your website on their device.

Every device has a different screen size and your website must adapt to fit those screens. If your website does not adjust for mobile devices then your users will not have a positive experience on your site.

If anyone accesses the desktop version of a website on a smartphone then the website would appear tiny on the device and the user would have to struggle to read the text and click on the links.

This will create a negative impact and make your audience leave your site immediately and turn to a competitor site that provides a better user experience.

If visitors to your website stay for a longer time there, then Google will get a positive signal and rank your website higher in search results as it will believe that your website is relevant to the user’s search intent.

The benefit of having a SEO friendly website is that you can keep your traffic longer and this will boost your website’s ranking. For creating a better-optimized website responsive design is a must. With it, you can create a more SEO friendly website design.


Creating content is an integral part of your website. Content will help you to establish yourself as an authority by driving more traffic to your site. You should choose your topic for creating content. Keyword selection plays a major role in writing content as keywords will help your website to appear in search results. You can use Keyword Research, a tool for finding the right key terms which will help you to find important phases for your SEO listing. By targeting keywords your website will appear in more relevant search results and rank higher. Integrating keywords is the best way for making your website SEO-Friendly.


Always use effective URLs for your site which are short, descriptive, and easy to read.URL is the first thing that a customer probably sees. This is the most important thing which Google will consider in determining where your website will come up in a search.

Using keywords for creating a URL is as important as using keywords in the website content. But always avoid keyword repetition, it can be distracting and is not acceptable in Search engine algorithms. Stay away from symbols and special characters and keep URLs as short as possible while maintaining their meaning.


Internal linking is the major thing to focus on for making your website SEO friendly. Internal linking helps search engines to discover new pages on your website and index them.

You can have awesome pages with good quality content on your website, but Google may not always find it. Google can’t find every page you have on your website so you must help Google to find them. Internal linking will help Google to find these pages.


By optimizing your header tags you can make your website SEO friendly. Header tags show the start of a section. You can start optimizing your headers by including the most important keywords in them. In the case of the Title of your page include the most important keyword in the Title.

This keyword integration will help Google to understand the context of your page. To integrate the most important keyword in your Title to ensure your page rank for that keyword.

Headers also play a very important role on your page, they tell your visitors what comes next and what they can expect to see. Headers are used for breaking up sections and making it easy for the audience to understand the information.

To build a SEO friendly website, create a heading structure for your pages that will make it easy for your leads to read. By keeping your pages organized you can keep your leads for a longer time on your website.

Finally, we can say that,

The tips that we offer in this blog can help you to create a SEO friendly website most accurately. This piece of information can really evaluate your web design knowledge.But if you want to take it a step further you can easily check out a reputed website design company in India who can help you to grow your digital presence.