May 18, 2022

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Best Online Selling Platform

Best Online Selling Platform

Today in the era of the Internet, the world has become a global village. For sellers, there are a number of opportunities to sell products online and gain more profit as compared to traditional selling. But it is also not an easy task to gain the trust of an unknown person who is buying a product from an unknown seller. First How has published an article “online product selling techniques and tricks” for sellers who want to sell their product online.

In this article, we are discussing the top 5 online selling ways so you can easily choose the best one for your products.

1)– Woocommerce

If you are a web developer and manage servers then this option is for you. You didn’t need to pay any monthly or annual subscriptions for your online store. But only need to buy hosting and domain for your store. This is the most flexible store with complete control and no hidden charges on it. You are free from any additional charges or limitations.

If you are new to code it will be difficult for you to write code and maintain servers as well.

2)– Shopify

Shopify is also a very trendy option for online selling. It provides you an opportunity to create your own store and Shopify will manage your code and servers. There are more than 10,000,000 stores online on Shopify which gains the attraction of newbies.

Shopify charges you monthly $29 for the single store. This fee includes server maintenance, SSL, website, and social media sales.

Shopify is the best option if you are worried about charges on eBay or Amazon.

3)- eBay

eBay is a big competitor of Amazon. eBay provides an opportunity to sell any type of product on it. It makes eBay more complicated than Amazon. If you have gated products then eBay might be for you to sell your product here.

You should be careful while choosing the right category for your product. You need to pay a fee for listing your product on eBay and there is a 10% to 12% of the fee on your sales.

4)– Amazon

Amazon stands at the top of the list when we talk about selling products online. Amazon has a huge trusted audience network. It prefers buyers more than sellers that’s why people are more attracted to Amazon for online shopping. Buyers are confident and trust when they buy from Amazon. There are more than 700 products sold every minute on Amazon.

But Amazon didn’t provide its services free. You need to pay Amazon fees and accept Amazon terms and conditions to sell your product in its marketplaces. Also, you should choose the right product otherwise customers will return your product and its negative feedback will reduce your account health.

5)– Social Media

Now almost all social platforms are providing facilities to sell products online. There are also paid campaign programs to reach a more audience and fulfill your daily, monthly, or yearly targets easily. Some popular social media platforms are

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Final Thoughts

Doesn’t matter what you are selling, from where you are selling, there are a number of online options for you to start. But before choosing a platform you must read their policies and fee structure and different community forum. So you can overcome the risk factor of losing your time and money.

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