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Best Way to Improve Website Ranking on Search Engines

Best Way to Improve Website Ranking on Search Engines

A Guide to Improve Website Ranking on Search Engine

Have you beautifully designed your website? Have you written great content for your website? Have you done every possible way to make it user-friendly for your targeted customers? But how people will find you? Even with the rise of social media, it won’t be easy to rank on the top pages of Google. That is why it is important to improve your search engine ranking so people will easily find your products or service. They choose you easily instead of your competitors. 

To improve the website ranking on a search engine, you need an action plan to improve the ranking. It won’t be possible for you to generate leads if no one will find you. If someone is searching on Google, the top results have more chances to get clicked. The more astonishing thing is that a large number of people won’t even click on the second page of the search result. And your competitors are making conscious efforts to improve their SEO ranking on Google.

There are 200+ ranking factors hit the ranking factor of your webite. Among them, the most important ones that directly influence the ranking are discussed below. If you are not familiar with the different ways to improve your website ranking on search engines, spare out few minutes to read this article.

Major ranking factors:-

  1. Give priority to Link building

Link plays a crucial role in improving the ranking of your website on search engines. By linking your website with the most trusted and reputable website, you will gain the trust of customers instead of linking to the bad reputation site.

  • Bouncing rate of the website.

The bouncing rate refers to the visitors who visit the website and leave after viewing the single page. It means they don’t find your site valuable for the information they are seeking. And, on the contrary, a low bouncing rate indicates the people like your website. 

  • Visit of Pages per session 

This ranking term indicates the average number of pages of your website viewed by the visitor in a single visit. It shows that visitors are more engaged with the site and higher engagement leads to better ranking. 

  • Google Analytics Tool

Google analytic is a free tracking tool that shows you how your organic traffic compares to all other traffic to your website. You can easily dig a little deeper by clicking on ‘organic search” to check what the user of the page is finding on Google. It helps you to know the interest of the customers.

  • Google Search Console

Most of the time, the keywords searched on Google show up as not provided. That is where the Google search console comes in. Also, the dashboard of Google console will tell you if your site has any technical error that hurt your organic ranking.

  • Your content should be readable

Whenever you write content, keep the targeted audience in your mind. Speak in terms they can understand. The content should be written in a way that everyone can read and understand.

  • Write click-worthy titles and description

The title should be like this that the reader knows all about your website. You should front-load all the keywords in your titles. The title should be 65 characters only. More than 65 will get cut off. So keep it short. 

  • Keyword Optimization for better search engine ranking. 

Keyword plays a crucial role in your SEO campaign. The users use key terms and phrases to generate relevant search results. To appear your business listing in relevant results, optimization of keywords is your top priority. There are various keyword tools available to find out relevant search terms for your campaign. 

Finally, as best your SEO is, more you reach to the targeted audience. Once the organic traffic land to your page, you need to convert them. Your website is the heart of your business. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you must invest in optimization to attract your targeted audience. And SEO is something that you need to concentrate today or in the future as well.  

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