October 24, 2021


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How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix with Limited Resources!

How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix with Limited Resources!

When it comes to being the harbinger of the OTT platform revolution, there’s no denying that Netflix has led the charge. What started as an idea to boost customer satisfaction in the entertainment space by making personalized offerings that can be enjoyed any time anywhere has slowly grown into a giant. As per the latest reports, Netflix has over 195 million paid subscribers of which 73 million are from the United States. It is available worldwide with a few exceptions.

As per the 2020 research reports, the operating income for Netflix was approximately around $1.2 billion. Netflix became the largest media & entertainment company valued at market capitalization in July 2020.

Netflix is popular among the audience for being the most advanced online video streaming app that has a rich diversity in content and caters to the audience in a hyper-personalized manner with a very intuitive user interface.

Are you wondering how to build a video streaming app like Netflix? Let’s explore how it works, to begin with.

How Does Netflix Streaming Works?

So how does Netflix work? How it caters to such a dynamic audience with diverse tastes? This is a really interesting aspect that is seldom closely monitored. Well, it’s not easy to build a video streaming app like Netflix but there are few companies helming the wheel for you, making video streaming app development a piece of cake!

Netflix has been the earliest innovator in the OTT space, incentivizing people to switch to OTT streaming services from the traditional dish and cable services by bringing a pool of quality content on its platform. The working model of Netflix involves storing content on a large number of servers globally with at least 10 servers nearby every user connected to this platform.

This requires a smooth and steady 24*7*365 operation that has the lowest downtime, preferably zero. The Netflix network can easily handle a data load of up to 35 TB per second which is sufficient for uninterrupted quality streaming. Netflix also boasts of having the most advanced network security in the industry.

Factors That Make Video Streaming Apps a Grand Success

Let’s take a deep dive into the factors that influence the success of your video streaming application.

App Monetization

When it comes to app monetization for white label video streaming app, there are multiple ways to monetize and bank on your video content. You can choose from a plethora of options available including pay per view model, subscription-based model, advertisement-based model, etc. In-app video ads provide one of the easiest and most frequently used methods as the spending on video advertisements has increased multiple folds in the past few years.

Multi-currency Support

Multi-currency support is also one of the major factors that play a huge role in the success of your video streaming application. When you are creating content for a global audience, you should also have multi-currency support to facilitate their financial transactions. It helps you easily reach a wider audience and also puts your content on a global pedestal

Unique & Quality Content

Everything aside, you can only be as successful as the quality of content you create and produce. Even if you tick off the top two from the checklist, you won’t be able to reach far without creating unique content that delivers high quality. You need to add diversity to the content as well because people might have a dynamic preference when it comes to watching videos on OTT platforms and applications. Creating unique and quality content will help you easily build apps like Netflix.

Video-Sharing & Streaming

Now another main feature of a hit video streaming app that will help you create your own Netflix is the user interface component. Your app should provide a seamless and fast streaming experience without much buffering and it should also allow users to easily share videos with their friends and groups. If you are wondering how to make a video streaming app a hit, this feature should be closely worked upon.

Smart Downloads

Smart downloads allow your users to watch videos even when they are not connected to the internet. Smart downloads also automatically download the content on the user’s device and delete those that have already been watched.

How to Create an OTT Streaming App Like Netflix?

Now that we have gone through the essential features that make video streaming apps a hit, the questions that arise are how to build a streaming app? Which video streaming app builder would be your best bet to create an app like Netflix? 

Whitelabel OTT Platform Providers is without an iota of doubt, should be your go-to option if you are looking to create a video streaming app that replicates all essential features of Netflix.

Let’s learn more about the important considerations to be kept in mind.

1.Find Your Genre

The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind while creating a robust video streaming app is your genre. You can’t begin with the amount and diversity of content available on Netflix but you can find your sweet spot and make the most out of it by creating unique and quality content for your audience.

2.Decide on the Content Availability

The next big thing to contemplate over is the availability of content on your application, how frequently will you be uploading the content? What will be the duration of your content uploaded on the application? You will also need to figure out if you will be uploading your original content or would it be from other distributors.

3.Choose the Monetization Model

The next and most important thing to decide before the OTT app development is the monetization model that you will be opting for. Will it be a pay-per-view model or a subscription-based model? You can even go for the most common which is the advertising video-on-demand model. It is usually preferred by platforms that don’t charge their users for watching content but still generate revenue through advertisements being shown on their portal.

4.Study the Video Streaming App Requirements

Another important thing that you need to do is study the video streaming app requirements carefully before finalizing the features that you need. You also need to keep your target audience in mind while deciding on the final output. Some of the important elements that you need to focus upon including internet speed, network connectivity, payment gateway, hosting and computing infrastructure, etc.


You can only scale your video content streaming application when you have robust security in place to protect your content and user data from cyber theft and other bugs. You need to have robust security in place to provide an uninterrupted streaming experience to the audience.


You can easily hire the best-in-class OTT solution providers to create branded video streaming apps like Netflix and reach a global audience in a hassle-free way! End your search for how to create a streaming app here!