October 24, 2021


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Most Cost Effective Way to Rank Higher on Search Engines

Most Cost Effective Way to Rank Higher on Search Engines

Search engine optimisation has become an imperative task for the majority of businesses both new and established. To list well on Google and other search engines for relevant keywords/phrases makes an enormous impact on the success of many businesses. There are many agencies around that promise to immediately increase website rankings and may even guarantee a #1 position on Google.

To rank in the top spots of search engines takes time, costs money and must be done properly to secure your position for as long as possible.

What is the most cost effective way to rank higher on search engines?

Any business wishing to direct more potential customers to their website will have two options;

Employ someone with up-to-date knowledge and experience in SEO Berkshire. This is the more expensive option, to obtain someone with sufficient expertise within this field to achieve the results you desire is costly. Not only do you have to cover their salary but to successfully beat your competitors in the race to the top positions in Google you require a wealth of tools, many of which do not come cheap.

Outsource the job to an external agency. Most agencies utilise a team of professionals all with their own individual key skills, this means you hold a far stronger chance of getting your website found by the target audience. Agencies are often a more efficient route to take as they are experts in escalating website ranking, with access to an arsenal of software and essential tools to research your competitors and implement solid proven SEO tactics to increase online awareness. Many SEO agencies work on a month by month basis and can put as little or as much time into your online campaign as you feel necessary.

Choosing a company you trust can be difficult, there are many stories/rumours of agencies ripping people off and not delivering the results promised. On the other hand, many businesses don’t understand the work that goes into obtaining a high position in search engine rankings.

Search Focus offer a pay on results service where you only pay once you are satisfied with the work done. This erases any concerns regarding value for money and allows our clients to relax knowing that we will produce results. Naturally the amount of work required to achieve the desired results will vary depending on the level of competition and level of work required both onsite and offsite. We can analyse your requirements and budget and then provide a campaign plan which we believe will best suit your needs.

Many business owners I speak to believe they may be overpaying for their SEO campaigns. Countless SEO companies use out of date or unethical methods to provide short term gains for their clients, this can lead to disastrous consequences when Google penalises a breach to their quality guidelines. Here at Search Focus we strive to provide effective SEO campaigns for our clients with the intention of building lasting relationships.