October 24, 2021


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Mr. Dracula: 7Starhd Technical Brilliance Without a Soul

7Starhd Technical Brilliance Without a Soul

As he tries to escape from everyone and his own existence, the path becomes narrower and narrower. But he has nowhere to hide, will he accept defeat or defy and destroy everything in his path?

The book “Mr. Dracula.” Debaroy Bhattacharya tells the story of Laktim, the teacher known as “Mr. Dracula” for his strange fangs. Known as “Sir Dracula” because of his strange fangs, Laktim is barely able to lead a normal life because of his strange appearance. The more everyone goes after him, the more he retreats into memories of his Nassar (Cupid) past. In this unpleasant situation, he finds solace only in the memories of his beloved Mangali 7starhd. Exhausted by society, Laktim finally decides to stop playing hide-and-seek and take revenge on Amol and Manjari. Will Laktim be able to reconcile with his abusers, or will his very existence be called into question?

The movie “Sir Dracula” is very difficult to watch because of its one-liner format. The narrative constantly drifts, trying to connect the two timelines, which sometimes feels forced, and the two stories use almost identical tones, making it sometimes hard to tell Amor from Lactim. Throughout the film there is a sense of melancholy, dark shadows and a creepy old atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. The gruesome torture scenes are superfluous, and the repeated references to the destruction of the Vidya Sagar statue sometimes seem out of place. But the director digs deeper, showing police brutality during the Naxalbari traffic and the inner conflict of the young Naxalites. Stunning background music and camerawork enhance the complexity of the story.

The soul of the film lies in Anirban Bhattacharya’s superb performance as Laktim/Amol. His impeccable portrayal of the weak and confused naxal and the ugly schoolteacher creates an intriguing, almost clich├ęd story. His long fangs give him a subtle discomfort when he speaks, but it stands out. Anirban embodies both the desperation of a man (Amol) struggling between love and political ideology, and his daily struggle with a cursed existence (Lahtim). On the other hand, the heroine (Manjari), played by Mimi Chakraborty, seems to be struggling, and unnaturally so. Everything is awkward, from the way she utters her lines to her facial expression. Bidipta Chakraborty and Rudranil Ghosh shine in supporting roles, though they hardly stick to the script.

Despite the excellent narration, “Sir Dracula” is unnecessarily complex and seems to be heavily influenced by Todd Phillips’ film “The Joker.” The costumes and makeup of the main characters, as well as the “smile in the mirror” scenes, are reminiscent of the great DC characters. The film has the potential to be a breakthrough in Bengali cinema, but it fails to address the intricate details necessary to explore Rakthim’s psychological problems. However, the climactic revelations and ambiguous ending help reinforce the film’s complex and strange feel. Nevertheless, “Sir Dracula” remains a technically excellent but not great film.