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Payroll Processing Companies in India

Payroll Processing Companies in India

There are numerous payroll processing companies operational in India. The current dynamic and uncertain business scenario has widened the scope for the functioning of payroll processing companies in India. The future of payroll processing companies in India certainly looks promising. Especially, after the outbreak of the pandemic, payroll processing is witnessing several changing trends attributed to factors such as technology, processes, investment and employees. Payroll processing companies in India are in the process of incorporating these changing trends in their practice to leverage the greatest benefit to the employees.

At the same time, companies and enterprises who desire to focus emphatically on their core business goals are looking for payroll processing companies in India. It needs to be highlighted that India boasts of a talent bank of proficient and skilled workforce capable of handling the payroll function under the banner of payroll processing companies. Hence, payroll processing companies in India are certainly going to increase in number thereby enhancing the quality of services. 

What is Payroll Processing?

Payroll processing is the task of handling the payroll function of employees of an organization. This payroll function includes computation and distribution of salary, tax computation and deduction, leaves management, medical insurance, employee attendance and employee management.

Leading Payroll Processing Companies in India

The Following is the list of Top 10 Payroll Processing Companies in India

  • EasySource India Private Limited
  • Intero Solutions Private Limited
  • TopSource Global Solutions-India 
  • MME Payroll India
  • Maple Tree Business Consultants
  • Esperto Payroll Solutions Private Limited
  • Staffing Solutions (India) Private Limited
  • PeopleStrong
  • Brooks Consulting
  • SGC Management Services Private Limited

EasySource India Private Limited is recognised among the top 10 payroll processing companies in India. It has been a significant player in the market for the past 15 year now. It has its client base spread across India in approximately 400 different locations of the country. It has a long list of satisfied clients who vouch for its delivery of services. The company has its head office in Delhi and other offices in the National Capital Region. Easy Source India Private Limited received the prestigious Global HR Excellence Award 2021.

The Payroll Services Offered by the Company Bring Forth the Following Benefits to its Clients:

  • It offers complete security of data without any breach.
  • It offers competitive prices along with continuity of services.
  • It reduces risks associated with the payroll processing process.
  • It offers customized solutions to suit the dynamic needs of its clients.

Most importantly, EasySource India Private Limited fits the bill for every small, medium or large-sized enterprise. It provides efficient payroll services which happen to suit the client’s budget. In simple words, the company offers comprehensive payroll solutions to its clients. 

However, before selecting the payroll processing company for your business, you need to keep the following points in mind. You need to be certain about your budget, business expansion plans and the availability of various competitors in the market. These parameters will help you in selecting the right payroll processing company for your business.

Hence, if you wish to streamline the payroll function of your business, do get in touch with EasySource India Private Limited. You will definitely have a delightful experience worthy of developing a long-term relationship with this company.

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