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Reasons to Live in Canada

Best Reasons to Live in Canada

There are myriad reasons to shift from one country to another. Better standard of living, escape from political conflicts and cultural collars, better education, a change of settings in life, and a safer country to live in are just some of the reasons why people move to other countries. Opportunities, both monetary and social are also reasons to move. I can think of no better place to move than The Great North – Canada.

People in US Sitcoms often make fun of people from Canada, citing examples of friendly, polite behaviour, ice hockey, and cultural mannerisms such as the pronunciation of ‘out’ as ‘oat’. It is a testament to the psyche of the US citizens, that they make fun of the open-minded, friendly Canadian people, who are different from them and their way of life. Seriously, USA? Canada sounds awesome!

You may be asking yourself – will I fit in this country? I’m here to tell you that Canada has been built on immigration, with people migration to it from as early as 1608. Canada’s stable economy and GDP is powered by various high-tech firms, agriculture, biotechnology, a stupendously large service sector, manufacturing sector, and of course, a highly-established business environment as well.

Why Wouldn’t People Move to this Country? It Sounds Great! Here are a Few Top Reasons to Live in Canada:

  • Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world – With an output of 1.4 trillion, Canada overtook Russia to claim a spot in the top 10 economies of the world. Its economy is heavily service-oriented, with 78.9% of Canadians working in the service sector. As a country with abundant natural resources, its goods and manufacturing sector, have witnessed steady growth over the decades.
  • You will be able to find a job – The first point described the Canadian Economy. From business management, STEM job-roles and service-related jobs to the labour industry, Canada offers plenty of jobs at hand. It has several programmes at had for prospective immigrants looking to migrate to this country. These programmes are also designed to lead to Permanent Residence. Tech and IT related roles are growing exponentially as well. Check out this page for more information on Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs.
  • World-class education system – Canada is the world’s most educated country, and its public education system has been hailed as one of the best in the world. It hosts some of the world’s top universities such as – the University of Toronto, McGill University and the University of British Columbia. The Universities offer various courses and are a superb pathway to living in Canada. Check out this page for details about studying in Canada! Also, secondary education is free in Canada.
  • Universal Healthcare – Canada offers exceptional healthcare for its citizens and residents, where essential healthcare is covered at no cost. The healthcare system is paid for by taxes, and public health insurance systems. Most provinces and territories also provide free emergency medical services, which should be a norm in most countries.
  • It’s a safe and inclusive country – With adequate representation between genders, voices from minorities and support for the LGBTQAI+ community. The country embraces various cultures, with diverse cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver. Its citizens feel safe and peaceful. : )
  • Better work-life balance for its citizens – With a high minimum wage, remote working opportunities, a 40-hour work week and parental and cultural leaves, you will be able to manage a fine work-life balance in Canada.
  • Canada is beautiful – It has some of the most beautiful locations and environment friendly practices you may have seen. There are plenty of parks, forests, coasts and water bodies, offering various outdoor activities such as ice skating, canoeing, surfing, hiking and ice hockey! It is the second largest country in the world, with plenty of space for everyone to explore and have adventures in!
  • Low crime rates compared to many developed countries – We know that no country is perfect, but a higher probability of safety is always welcoming. Stay vigilant, stay safe!
  • Canada has a true, democratic political system – Their political system is liberal, and they are trying their best to improve the country on all spheres. They hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and are run by a diverse panel of individuals from different cultures. Despite the atrocities of colonized countries, Canada has come farther than the USA or the UK in atoning for the sins of their ancestors.
  • Canada is cold – Canada is one of the best places to live in for those who love the snows. Let’s face it, it is much more preferable to live in the cold and get warm, than live in hot climates and try to get cold. The unique culture that has stemmed from Canada is attributed to a lot of its culture. You’ll learn not only to survive, but thrive in the cold. Hot cocoa anyone?

So, what are you waiting for? The Great North is truly one of the best places to live in, start a family and build an excellent career in. Head on to this page to learn more about Canada’s Express Entry. Welcome to your first step towards embracing the Great North. Grab your snow boots and a friendly smile!

For expert advice on how to immigrate to Canada, you can contact immigration lawyers at Total Law. They can help you assess your chances, choose the best route based on your profile, process your visa, and guide you on how to settle with ease.

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