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The Ultimate Guide to Hampta Pass Trek

The Ultimate Guide to Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is present at an altitude of 4270 m (14039 ft) on the Pir Panjal range. It’s a bit of a passageway between Lahaul’s Chandra natural depression and, therefore, the Kullu natural depression of Himachal Pradesh. The trek concept was derived from Hampta Village, settled below Sethan village, as a part of the trek route. This pass is often employed by shepherds of the lower chain region, seeking high altitude grasslands within the summer, once the dry cold desert of Lahaul is barren.

Hampta Pass trek is one in every one of those experiences where the gorgeous and sheer expanse of nature combined with challenges take a look at the flexibility to beat our limits and set new ones.  

Stretching across a group of various landscapes, it’s simply best accessible from Manali. The trek crosses from Kullu and then up to Chhatru on the Keylong Spiti road in Chandra in Lahaul. Manali is within the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, which is as wonderful as another slope station. On the opposite is the virtually arid, stark landscape of Lahaul, with barren mountains and virtually no vegetation.

The Hampta Pass trek is greatly admired by adventurers, travelers, trekkers, etc. For them, this trek is enclosed with great excitement, thrills, and adventures that will always be remembered in their lifetime. 

Here, we have brought you the best illustration of the route starting from the base camp itself. Then, we will guide you about the various routes that have to be followed throughout the trekking. 

The trekking is about 5-6 days. To Get the Better Experience in Trekking, We will be Needed some basic Essential Equipment:

  • Jackets
  • Woolen shirts or sweaters, Tracksuits
  • Extra trousers
  • Shoes, Light Weighted Boots 
  • Pair of Gloves, Shocks, sandals, etc
  • Thermal Underwear, Coat, Hat
  • Toilet papers
  • Lighters, Matches
  • Torches or Other Lighting devices
  • Water Bottle, Water purifying tablets
  • Binocular if possible
  • First Aid Box
  • Maps, Gps devices
  • Light Foods, Dry foods, etc.

Before Starting our Journey, Let us review the Hampta Pass trek in a Nutshell:

  • A simple to moderate trek
  • The starting point of our walkthrough will be Ramsau i.e., the Base camp
  • Bus routes are available to Ramsau point
  • One can also take a flight to reach this place.
  • The journey will be around six days
  • Well managed arrangements of tents are there at the end of a day-long trekking
  • Arrangements of foods are there
  • The experts will guide the trek, so feel safe and enjoy 

Now let’s start our journey through the famous Hampta Pass trek!

Day 1: Reaching the Ramsau Camp 

  • Settle at the Ramsau village camp; it is the base camp of our trek.
  • People from different places, routes will reach here by various means early in the morning.
  • We will have our breakfast at the camp.
  • Finish with all the necessary registration works before the start of the trekking
  • After lunch, we will have a little walk to the hilly valleys present close to our camping site to make us get adjusted to the environment
  • Later In the evening, we will be fetched with some snacks and tea.
  • We will be having a meeting related to explaining the trekking routes, some basic rules, and some Do’s and Don’ts.
  • The guide or the organizers will do all the essential preparations for the trekking.
  • Take a rest and get ready for the next day. 

Day 2: Chikka Camping Site

  • It’s our second day. We will start trekking at around 10 am.
  • We have reached Chikka today.
  • Tall pines are around the routes with the mesmerizing beauty of the mountains and greenery.
  • We also came across some streams on our route today.
  • It took around 2-3 hours to complete the trekking.
  • Chikka has massively large rocks surrounded by many small and big streams giving it a divine feeling.
  • We will have our lunch 
  • We will stay in tents tonight and start our next day of trekking starting from here

Day 3: Chikka Campsite to Balu ka Ghera Camping Site

  • Had our breakfast in the morning and got ready for trekking.
  • Todays journey will be around 5-6 hours
  • Just at the beginning part of today’s trek only, we came across some streams, with rocks and boulders there as well
  • Finally after crossing those hurdle we reached a massive plain ground which will be consummate for tenting tonight
  • Here we will find Indrasan, a spot which is taken as the best peak in Manali
  • We will tent here tonight

Day 4 : Balu ka Ghera to Shea Goru

  • Our trekking has to be started early today around 5am because of the distance that has to be covered on the snow covered route before sunrise.
  • The distance from the Balu ka Ghera to Shea goru was long with average climbs, making us reach an altitude of 14000ft high.
  • It took us around 5 hours to reach the loftiest peak of the Hampta Pass Trek
  • Finally we descended down to the Shea Goru route. The route was steep with snow covered lanes.
  • The camping tonight will be in Shea Goru

Day 5: Shea Goru to Chatru

  • After having our breakfast we headed towards our next target – Chatru site.
  • After reaching Chatru we drove in vehicles towards Chandrataal. We enjoyed the amazing view at Chandratal. Later, we came back to Chatru again.
  • Here we returned all our issued gears to the Chatru camp website. We then received our deposited bags.
  • We stayed tonight at Chatru.

Day 6: Return to Manali 

  • After taking our morning breakfast, we began the car ride to Manali through Rohtang. Finally, we reached Manali around 1 pm.
  • During the journey, we had a mesmerizing view of the Rohtang. We took photographs. The tourists have the liberty to stop there and experience the journey sports like Paragliding, Watercourse crossing, rappelling and many more.

After reaching Manali, they all headed back to their respective homes. The whole journey was a fantastic mixture of thrills, adventure, excitement, and, more importantly, emotions. One can never forget the memories gathered at Hampta Pass Trek. We are blessed to have such a place in our country. One should always be proud of the resources and the natural beauty that India possesses.

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