November 26, 2021

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What is the Importance of Industrial Safety Equipment for your Workforce?

What is the Importance of Industrial Safety Equipment for your Workforce?

Safety of industrial workforce is highly significant for an industry to assure ideal performance of the workforce. To run an industry successfully the physical health and well being of the workforce should be prioritised. A safety equipment supplier should be conscious about the health of the workers. Arranging safety equipment for the industrial workforce not only supports their physical health but also it has an impact on their mental health too. As a result, they become more competent, dedicated and enthusiastic while executing their respective duties.

Although many industrial safety equipment suppliers are available in the market with their products ready for sale, while purchasing the equipment you must ensure that the product is well designed, manufactured and easy to use otherwise injury can still occur. Also, buying the safety equipment from a trusted safety equipment supplier keeps you at the safer side because above all, quality matters the most. One of India’s leading manufacturers and distributors of personal protective equipment, Mallcom is having a hold in more than 50 countries in six continents. Below is a list of the top six industrial safety equipments:

  1. Safety glasses- These are used to protect the eyes of workers from dust produced by certain tools. They are worn while performing welding tasks and operating broaching machines.
  2. Hearing protection- Industrial working environment is an area of higher level of noises produced by several industrial activities. Wearing ear protective gears can help protect the ears from these extreme noises.
  3. Safety gloves- It is used to protect the hands of the workers from chemicals and sensitive materials, burns, vibrations, cuts, etc.
  4. Face shield- It protects the face of the workers from the flying chips produced by lathe machines.
  5. Safety helmets- It is used to protect the most delicate part of the human body- the brain. It provides protection against catastrophic incidents that frequently occur in the industrial workplace. Mallcom offers the finest helmets to be used by the workers, for all types of industries.
  6. Safety shoes- There’s a chance that the feet of the workers get injured from heavy machines and can also cause burns due to high voltage electricity or caustic chemicals. Wearing safety shoes will protect the workers feet from such unwanted hazards.

The well recognised industrial safety equipment suppliers manufacture the materials keeping in mind their benefits and usefulness for the industrial workforce. Further the importance of the safety equipment can be described as follows:

  • Protect against injury- Well functioning of every part of the human body is of utmost importance to perform an industrial task. Safety tools guarantee the protection of the same as the name “safety equipment”, itself indicates equipment manufactured for safeguarding the workers from any injury.
    • Reduces work related stress- Sometimes work can be tiresome and stressful. Human body is designed to resist stress to a certain limit. If this is surpassed, it will result in pressure affecting the productivity of the workers. Stress of a worker can be reduced by utilising the right safety equipment at the right time.
    • Prevent occurrence of accidents through warning and alerts- Technological development in the industrial sector has greatly diminished the chances of accidents occurring in the industries. The systems are designed in such a way that it alerts the workers on the probability of an accident occurring.
    • Respiratory protection- It is very crucial for every worker to think about their lungs while working with the toxic substances. Respirators are designed especially, to keep the lungs of the worker in good working condition as they help protect the workers from dust as well as hazardous substances such as fumes, pesticides and insecticides.

Besides using industrial safety equipment there are certain industrial safety rules which must be followed by the workers in the industry. These include:

  • Keeping work areas clean
  • Never working on live equipment
  • Making sure chemicals are properly labelled and stored.


The importance of safety equipment can be understood in the terms of sustaining the working capabilities of the industrial workforce. Therefore, it is necessary for an industry to properly analyse the industrial safety equipment suppliers available in the market and finally go for the right one.