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What Type of Business Requires Automated Testing Solutions (ATS)

What Type of Business Requires Automated Testing Solutions (ATS)?

In the recent Coronavirus pandemic, many business sectors have faced the wrath of degrowth and significant losses. Some losses were so huge that many businesses shut down. But, on the contrary, in the same pandemic situation, many companies adopted newer techniques and technologies to improvise.

It is beneficial to invest in Automation Testing Solutions as it can ease the workload in the business and increase the productivity of the people involved in the industry.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is a branch of System Testing which has a collection of tools that automates test cases related to data, reports and metrics.

This Automation system is beneficial in any business as it reduces the pressure of management of all modalities from the employees. Hence, the employees can focus on the priority tasks and increase their productivity.

Worksoft Research Report 2013 have indicated that more than 80% of businesses have benefitted from investing in Automated Testing Systems in different areas of their business infrastructure.

What are the Benefits of Incorporating Automation Testing Systems in Business?

There are countless benefits of investing in and incorporating automation testing systems. Some of the major ones are going to be explained here,

  • It increases the overall testing speed by enabling parallel tests on multiple devices.
  • “To Err is Human” is a very common proverb. Hence, manual testing has a more significant margin of error when compared to ATS.
  • It involves lesser exploitation of human resources.
  • It increases the efficiency of a business, especially when it is incorporated in the initial stages of business development.
  • It also reduces the development process if adopted at the early stages.
  • ATS creates reusable testing scripts that are customized for different systems and infrastructures.
  • The automated tests can be run by the personnel remotely during non-working hours, which reduces the burden during work hours.
  • Parallel testing gives the luxury to test more infrastructures at the same time.
  • The engineer also has certainty on the history of tests conducted due to a periodic report.

Which Type of Business Requires ATS?

By now, we have learned the what’s and why’s of ATS, but now we should know which businesses Require Automation Testing. Most business sectors can exponentially grow by incorporating ATS. Some of the business sectors will be mentioned here,

1.     IT Sector

  • The software industry is one of the many business sectors that can benefit from incorporating Automation Testing Systems.
  • It is a sigh of relief for all the Software Testers as it can spare them all the tedious process of performing multiple tests and managing deadlines and the quality of the application. 
  • By incorporating ATS into the business, any software company can skyrocket their revenue in a brief period.
  • ATS can enable easy feedback that can drive consistent innovations, reducing the risk of a bad customer experience.
  • Automating the maximum number of test cases, including multiple tests at a time, is a cakewalk with ATS.
  • Hence, any software company can increase their business’s quality, productivity, speed, and revenue through ATS.

2.     Telecommunications

  • Automation Testing Solution can provide a superior end-user experience at a very affordable cost compared to other methods that can eventually turn into a financially burdening decision.
  • ATS provides automated customer services that can help resolve customer queries quickly, enabling maintaining healthy and stable customer relations.
  • AI-powered solutions like ATS boost the growth of systems and networks in the telecom industry.
  • ATS is a system that helps detect errors, eliminating the risk of future problems.
  • Also, ATS can enhance the quality and speed up the networks in the telecom sector.
  • Any fraudulent activity can be easily detected, which helps strengthen communication.
  • In a telecom business, ATS helps in network optimization, which will increase the productivity of the networks.
  • Hence, it’s a must to incorporate such AI-powered technology in your telecom business.

3.     Healthcare

  • Everyone must wonder how Automation Testing Solutions help boost a healthcare business? Is it even relevant?
  • Yes, of course, ATS is highly relevant in the Healthcare sector.
  • The main objective of the healthcare industry is to provide care to their patients, but the focus is being shifted because of the administrative and clerical work.
  • Healthcare has a massive amount of data (like patient details, reports, scans, prescriptions etc.) to be managed efficiently, which is impossible manually; hence ATS is a great solution to solve that problem.
  • Automation has immense use in medical coding, insurance pre-authorization, insurance processing, scheduling appointments, and generating revenue cycles in the healthcare industry.
  • Though these are manual tasks, efficiency in the functions can only be achieved through Automation.
  • Automation in the Healthcare Industry will give every person in the hierarchy, from the front desk receptionist to the end-stage Doctor, to work efficiently without stress about data or records.
  • The future of Automation in Healthcare is AI-powered Robotic Surgeries. It is going to be fascinating.

4.     Logistics and Transportation

  • Logistics is one of the most haphazard and unorganized sectors.
  • Automation Testing Solutions can be an excellent method to organize this sector and help in its management.
  • ATS is applicable for transportation and logistics across land, water and air.
  • Cargo, vehicle dispatch, couriers, raw materials and almost anything and everything that requires transportation and logistics can be automated by ATS.
  • The tracking, planning, goods management, labour management, revenue cycle, vehicle management, performance checks, and delivery should be documented; hence it becomes extremely tedious when done manually.
  • ATS can be an excellent solution for the smooth functioning of businesses in this sector which can directly benefit and uplift the revenue cycle exponentially.

5.     Travel and Hospitality

  • The success of Travel and Hospitality businesses ultimately depends on the end-user experience. Hence, the revenue model should incorporate everything that satisfies and makes your customers happy.
  • Automation Testing Solutions can take care of the most critical aspects of this business.
  • The digital apps, bookings, departure controls, staff management, passenger management, itinerary designing, and operations in a travel business can be handled easily through ATS.
  • In Hospitality businesses like restaurants and hotels, google listing, customer management, food delivery tracking, listing on top websites to be visible, customer reviews, and many more tasks can be easily tackled with ATS.
  • Automation can reduce staff personnel costs to half and double the revenue cycle at the earliest.

Some Popular Automation Testing Companies

Many companies provide Automation Testing Solutions to different businesses around different sectors. Here we are going to know the names of a few of them.

  1. QualityLogic
  2. BQurious
  3. A3Logics
  4. Bugespy
  5. Impact QA
  6. QA Mentor
  7. QA Wolf
  8. Kualitatem
  9. Belitsoft
  10. Testing Technologies
  11. Indium Software.


With the growth in technologies and innovations, it is always wise to incorporate the same into your businesses. Every business person starts a company with a dream to make it successful. There is a pattern towards the journey to success. First, the businessman decides to take the proper steps and make wiser decisions to upscale the business.

In these times, Automation Testing Solutions is one such option that reduces the manual load from the business and increases productivity and financial turnover of the company.

Many businesses from the past 1990s that had done exceptionally well then have collapsed in this era, and the primary reason is a lack of upskilling or updating. On the contrary, many businesses started in the 1990s that did well then are doing better now and competing with the new ones.

Investing in ATS for your business can be the breakthrough moment you were always looking for. The aim of any company across any sector should be to become a brand, and it is possible with the incorporation of ATS.

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